LCC Testimonials

“About seven months ago, I was listening to WJNI-FM and I heard Pastor Graham of Lighthouse Christian Center (LCC) during my lunchtime break. His message was so powerful, passionate, uplifting, and amazing. My Spirit told me that you need to find this church and hear more of God’s Word brought to me thru this amazing pastor. After a couple of times searching for this church, I found it: The Lighthouse Christian Center, in Summerville, SC. Pastor Graham’s devotion and passion to God’s Word, the congregation, his family, the lost and underserved attracted me. God brought me to this amazing and powerful church and I want to be a part of it. Pastor Graham’s teaching ability, has greatly influenced me, has inspired me to grow in God’s Word and do amazing things for the Kingdom, for LCC, my family, and of course me. I am honored and fortunate to call Lighthouse Christian Center (LCC) my church home.”

– Brother Swinton

“My wife and I were looking for a church home that we could be a part of and to participate in ministry. I was listening to the Christian radio program, and I heard Pastor Graham of Lighthouse Christian Center (LCC) message on faith, it blessed my heart, I mention it to my wife, and we decided to visit the church.

As we continued attending LCC, we were blessed by the love and the presence of God in His house by His people, and that the Word of God was truly being proclaimed and preached. My wife and I were considering becoming a member. We were praying asking the Lord is this where you would have us to serve you, and to minister to other’s to be a blessing? The Lord God is truly faithful; He gave us His peace and a willing spirit to be about His business. We are now members of Lighthouse Christian Center Church. Come and join us, and see what God is doing!

The Lord is truly adding to His Church. Acts 16:5 (NIV) says ‘So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.’ “

To God be the Glory and In His Love,
Brother Lucius & Sister Lydia Gibson

Mark Bohannon

“Upon coming to LCC not quite a year ago, I was drawn to the pastor’s no nonsense, balanced teaching of God’s word–a youthful, yet mature and wise pastor who consistently challenges us to be, and do, our best for God in life. The down-to-earth atmosphere with it’s genuinely warm welcome, and the congregation’s healthy reverence for God, gave me a sense of calm and relief. I experienced an environment that is not pretentious or dressed in elitism, but one of humility, integrity and safety. I’ve come to believe God’s precious Holy Spirit is authentically welcome and free to dwell there. Therefore, I feel blessed to call LCC my church home.”

– Sister Green

P.O. Box 3230 - Summerville, SC 29483
Sundays: 10:30am Wednesdays: 7:00pm